Ensure your Student Starts the Year Strong

Summer learning loss happens. On the heels of the past two extraordinary years, there has never been a more important time for a math refresher. Our customized curriculum will help every learner feel confident headed into the fall.

Limited spots available in August. Courses by request for July.

Built for
Middle &
High School

As a parent and an educator, we know first-hand what keeps students captivated. We’ve designed a four-day compelling learning experience with this in mind.


  • Small Group Tutoring: 55-minute sessions with up to 4 students working through problems, challenges and ensuring each student masters the concepts. In-person and virtual options available.
  • Gorgeous and User-friendly Workbook: 60+ pages of thoughtful problems, examples and real-world application with plenty of space to solve problems.

We help students reach their fullest potential – in math and in life.


Designed by Meredith, Delivered by Meredith

Our students, teachers, and parents showed amazing resilience throughout this year with the continuing challenges that the pandemic (and its aftermath) presented.  Our students need support in reviewing concepts that were not understood or solidified over the past years so that they can start next year fully prepared and confident in math.  I’d love to help partner with your family to nurture your child this summer so that they can thrive!

Limited Spots Available

We’ve created a course for a limited number of students to ensure high-quality and personalized instruction.  The in-person and virtual  courses will be held:

  • July 11-14
  • July 26-29
  • August 1-4
  • August 15-18

There are only 4 spots for each course and they will fill quickly.  Click on registration to find course names and times that fit your schedule. In person courses will be held at our ITB Raleigh office on Blenheim Drive.

Enhance Understanding in Challenging Areas

With 20+ years of tutoring 400+ students, there are common concepts that consistently challenge math learners. I’ve intentionally designed the Sparrow Summer Series to explore these areas in depth and approach these concepts in a variety of creative ways.



Simplifying Expressions & Solving Equations


Points and Slope


Integers, Fractions, & Exponents

Simplifying Expressions

Solving Equations

Graphing Linear Equations


Exponents & Radicals

Simplifying Expressions & Advanced Solving Equations

Simplifying Polynomials, Factoring and FOIL

Linear Equations and Slope-Intercept Form


Exponents & Radicals


Quadratic Equations

Linear Equations and Slope-Intercept Form


Linear Equations

Exponents and Radicals

Quadratic Equations

Rational Equations

Right Triangle Trig

Flexible Options
for your
Family’s Needs

We’ve created various offerings to meet your needs. Our dates don’t work for you? No problem. Your learner can do our self-paced option. Here are the three ways we’ve designed our Sparrow Summer Series offerings.


  • Self-paced – $150: 8-modules of online instruction, 60-page workbook
  • Summer Series Live – $375: Mon-Thurs (4) 55-minute small group (up to 4 students) in-person sessions, 60+ page workbook
  • Summer Series via Zoom –  $375: Mon-Thurs (4) 55-minute small group (up to 4 students) live virtual sessions, 60+ page workbook

The Impact of Math Support