Don’t Let Grades or Self-Esteem Suffer

There is nothing harder than watching your child struggle. It’s not easy to motivate a student to keep trying in a subject where they feel defeated, like they just don’t “get it”. Math has a reputation for being a subject that’s either in your DNA or not. Students can lose confidence and the motivation to try. They dismiss math as “not their thing”. And their grades and self-esteem suffer, along with straining the relationship with the parent that is doing all they can to help them.

Your Student
Can Excel
in Math

We believe every student can do math. Our mission is to enable each student to meet academic challenges with true confidence. We focus on lighting a spark in each student to help them believe in their own capabilities to learn.

We help students reach their fullest potential – in math and in life.

Math Can Be Applicable and Approachable

In addition to our love for middle and high school students, learning, and math, there are a few things that make us unique in how we approach math tutoring.


We know that for students to understand math concepts, connecting them to tangible applications is a winning strategy. Our explanations are catered to contextualize math within their frame of reference.


We combine beautiful printed workbooks, online videos, imaginative explanations, various problem types and real-world analogies to connect with each student’s innate learning modalities.


We get to know your student and tailor tutoring to their specific needs, challenges and strengths. We also care about your student as a person, investing in them beyond just academic instruction. We “speak teenager”.

as an Educator
and a Parent.


Meredith Sparrow Etheridge grew passionate about making math accessible while watching students, teachers, and her own children struggle with what is seen as an intimidating subject.   Combining her B.A. in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill, her M.A.Ed. from Columbia University, and her professional experience as a public school teacher, Meredith formed Sparrow Educational Consulting, LLC in 2001.  Meredith’s goal is to come alongside students, parents, and educators to make math approachable by nurturing math skills and personal confidence in students.  She has tutored 400+ students in individual and group settings, and has developed a fine-tuned approach to reach the unique potential in each child.

Sparrow Summer Series 2024: Information coming Spring 2024

The perfect time to prep for the upcoming school year. Our customized curriculum will help every learner feel confident headed into the fall. Beat gaps from Covid and summer learning loss and come into the next school year ready to excel.

Limited spots available.

to Make
Math Successful

  • BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH STUDENT and Get to Know What Motivates Them
  • START WITH THE BASICS to Establish a Strong Foundation
  • IDENTIFY GAPS and Address for Early Success
  • BUILD CONFIDENCE as Math Skills Grow
  • ENABLE LONG-TERM SUCCESS for Academic Achievement

Making A Difference – In Their Words