Lighting Your Student’s Spark is our Mission

We believe every student has inherent worth and unrealized potential. And we believe that every student can do math (and feel good about it). Our mission is to light a spark in students and help them believe in their own capabilities to learn.

Academic Success and Personal Confidence is our Goal

We are committed to helping each teenager achieve in the classroom and beyond. We work hard to meet the unique educational needs of students in upper level mathematics. We instruct using several different methods of learning for each concept until student mastery. Researching current educational requirements and creating instruction and student practice opportunities to match ensures that students are prepared to succeed. We care deeply about each one of our students.

Values Drive Our Approach










“Can Do”

Our Core Services


In small groups of 2-4 students, we provide customized instruction to meet each student’s needs.


We’ve built high-impact online courses, accompanied by a gorgeous workbook and small group instruction to make math fun.


Consulting to meet your organization or school’s unique curriculum needs.

Founder and President

Meredith Etheridge is an intuitive, dedicated educator with 20+ years of experience in empowering students to meet academic challenges with insight and understanding. A strong communicator who can confidently teach students in a classroom, small group or private setting with an emphasis on upper level mathematics, Meredith excels in developing rapport with students, increasing confidence in math ability, and teaching mastery of mathematic content.  Meredith lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, 3 school-aged children, yellow lab (Bojangles), and cat (Tater Tot).

Bojangles, the official tutoring dog

Helping Bright Futures Unfold


“Meredith supported me as a math tutor throughout my high school years. As a student lacking confidence in math, she worked with me through many different classes to build my math skills, understanding, and performance. Working with Meredith was always a highlight of my week. She always took the time to break down any topic and work with me until I mastered the specific unit. Following my high school graduation, I relied on Meredith’s service as I selected courses in college. Meredith advised me on courses, time management, among many other subjects throughout my time as an undergraduate student at NC State. I continued to work with Meredith for career, resume, and skill-development related to interviewing and even narrowing down options of careers I would be well-suited for. Meredith is wonderful at connecting with her students and seeing them through their education journey.”

Claire Cosgrove Edmondson, Recruiter at Live Oak Bank, Former Student

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