Delivering Exceptional Learning Outcomes

Does your organization lead people on a learning journey? Do you want to effectively educate students on a specific subject? Sparrow Educational consulting can help you design a high-impact curriculum tailored to fit your key learning objectives, modes of instruction and student needs.

Curriculum Development – Case Studies

Creating IT Futures

  • Challenge: IT Futures wanted to ensure adult students were prepared for a career in technology.
  • Deliverable: Developed customized math portion of IT Core Skills curriculum designed to prepare adult students for a career in technology.
  • Process: Collaborated with a team to create a 8-week course for students to strengthen math, reading, writing, and presentation skills that are essential in the work world of IT professionals while earning CompTIA’s IT Fundamentals + Certification.
  • Outcome: Adult students participating in the 8-week pilot of the IT Core Skills program demonstrated an average growth of approximately 3 grade levels in math.

Wake County Solid Waste

  • Challenge: Wake County Schools need to roll-out a county-wide educational program to promote recycling in schools.
  • Deliverables: Developed curriculum for Wake County Schools Environmental Education Program, including Feed the Bin, a county-wide school recycling program.
  • Process: Coordinated pilot program, presented program, and trained educators. Planned meetings, workshops, and focus groups.
  • Outcome: Success roll-out county-wide with increase in awareness of recycling needs and amount of items recycled.

Helping Bright Futures Unfold

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